Dr. Frank N. Furter

On Rejection, and the Instant Gratification of Wattpad

It feels wasteful to write about writing. If I’m going to sit here and type, shouldn’t I type the things themselves instead of typing about the things? Yet, up there it does say that this is in part a writing blog. So I’ll bite. Or rather, you bite. I’ll tug.



How Did I Get Here? Part Two: Don’t Get Strung Out by the Way I Look

I remember, it was the first time I’d ever eaten Bugles. I thought they were both great and gross, and had been shoveling them into my face ever since Mom called my friend N and me up to the living room. “I want to show you this movie,” she said. It was a musical.

N thought it would be like Cats and was reticent. This was after I wrote a “script” for Cats 2: the Memory Lives Again and forced N to perform it with me while Mom taped us. Thus, out of sympathy for N, I made a great show of reluctance and tried to get us out of watching the new movie.

But Mom wouldn’t take no for an answer. This was nothing like Cats, she said – this was rock n’ roll. “It’s called The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

I frowned. “Is it scary?”

Mom made a face. “Nooo?”


New Chapter of Naughty Meets Nautical! (and other writing business)

A new chapter just went up on Wattpad for “Naughty Meets Nautical” (the story in which Dr. Frank N. Furter and Captain Jack Sparrow come together on the high seas for laughs and love and drama). You can start reading the story right over here.

Got my first paper rejection this past week, from F&SF. It’s pretty cool. Lots of journals have embraced the digital age so, while I have been rejected many and many-a, this was my first tangible proof of, you know, not being quite the right fit. Some people don’t understand how exciting rejections are to me. They mean that I am trying! I’m putting myself out there. It’s good. And I know I’m a decent writer — I got an Honorable Mention for a pretty sizable contest the first time I ever sent anything out — so I don’t feel hopeless. It’s just all a journey.

Return of the Saga: Naughty (Rocky Horror) Meets Nautical (Pirates of the Caribbean)

In my first ever post, I mentioned a 1,000+ page fan-fiction I maintained during my teen years. No one can read those stories now but the (lucky?) few who read them then. However, I would like to announce that I am under-taking a huge re-write! I’m posting it on Wattpad, here.

If you like Dr. Frank N. Furter, Captain Jack Sparrow, and dudes loving on dudes, it’s for you. If you don’t, it’s not. Is it a literary master-piece? Nope, but it sure is fun. I try to update every week, as a break from more serious writing and editing. Expect a certain standard–I’m deficient in prudishness, but I have an excess of pride!–but also please understand that this is all in fun. I’m apt to be silly, make pop references, and turn the tables on the story for my own amusement.

Yours, too, I hope.